Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mistake Makers Tour Dates.

We don't have all the details for all the shows yet. If you need any more details send us a message.

February 28th 
Halifax, NS @ 2616 Windsor st. 
(avec/ Stagnant Stars, Nymphets, Noise Demo, 18x18x2)

March 2nd 
Sackville, NB @ 18 Allison
(avec/ Sandman Viper Command, Noise Hounds)

March 3rd
Moncton, NB @ Galerie E Dand L's Gallery
(avec/ Fucking Gummi Bears, Money In The Banana Stand)

March 5th
Ottawa, ON @ 654 MacLaren 
(avec/ Police Funeral)

March 8th
Guelph, ON @ 105 Neeve
(avec/ tba)

March 9th 
London, ON @ Brennan's Beer Bistro 347 Clarence St.
(avec/ All The Trendy Kids, Davita G )

March 10th 
Kitchner, ON

March 12th
Toronto, On @ Beit Zatoun 612 Markham
(avec/Young Feathers, Holy Gasp)

March 14th 
Montreal, PQ @ Deathchurch
(avec/ Sissyfist)

March 17th? 
Charlottetown, PE @ tba 

I'll add more details as I get them. If you want to set up a show or hang out on one of the "off-days" send a message to


Our new record is in the home stretch. It will be done by the end of the week. 

Steve Believe.

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  1. here's the deets for toronto...